Ron Mgrublian – Lee & Associates Los Angeles | Long Beach will provide a complimentary valuation report for your commercial real estate property!

Provided it’s in the database, Ron Mgrublian – Lee & Associates will provide a free valuation report for your commercial real estate property. Even amidst the complexities of the current lending climate, it's important to note that the demand for Industrial Real Estate Properties remains remarkably high. This knowledge becomes particularly valuable for those individuals who have a remaining loan term of two years or less. 

Understanding the nuances of the market and its unwavering demand for industrial properties despite the challenging business & lending environment is pivotal. Ron Mgrublian and the adept professionals at Lee & Associates are here to offer their expertise, ensuring you receive valuable insight that is instrumental in making informed decisions about your commercial real estate property. Whether you're assessing your property's value for refinancing, selling, or strategic planning, these insights provide a valuable edge in navigating the dynamics of the commercial real estate market. 

To receive your report, please use the contact form, call, text or email me.


Will the Mansion Tax hit your Commercial Property?

Measure ULA passed in the November election and it increases the transfer tax of real estate (commercial as well, not just residential) sold for $5 million and more which is located within the City of Los Angeles.  

The new tax imposes an additional 4% transfer tax for commercial properties valued $5 to $10 million and an additional 5.5% for commercial properties valued at $10 million or more. The tax applies even if the property is sold at a loss.

This new tax takes effect April 1st, 2023. To explore your selling options before this tax takes effect, contact me now.


Receive a financial reprieve from the SBA during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to PPP, the SBA will now pay your new or existing SBA mortgage for six months!  Our office recently had a buyer who got the first 6 months of their mortgage covered by the SBA and the first 3 by their bank.  Additional debt relief is also available, if you need more information a good broker should be able to point you in the right direction, CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.