The 3rd Quarter Report for GDP Growth, Employment, Monetary Policy & Global Economy is out.

The standout feature of the 3rd Quarter of 2023 was the unexpectedly rapid expansion of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), outpacing earlier projections and reflecting robust economic performance. This accelerated growth trajectory defied initial forecasts, signaling a buoyant and thriving economy. 

Furthermore, the labor market exhibited remarkable resilience during this period, showcasing sustained employment figures and reinforcing the economy's underlying strength. This continuity in job creation and stability contributed significantly to the overall positive economic landscape. 

In a notable decision, the Federal Reserve opted against raising interest rates, a move indicative of their confidence in the current economic conditions. This decision aimed to sustain the momentum of growth and support ongoing economic recovery without implementing tighter monetary policies. 

Despite persistent world conflicts and geopolitical tensions, several facets of the global economy exhibited signs of improvement. This unexpected resilience and progress in various economic indicators underscored the capacity of certain regions and sectors to navigate challenges and thrive despite prevailing uncertainties. 

Collectively, these factors marked a dynamic and promising quarter for the economy, reflecting both resilience and unexpected vigor in the face of various domestic and international challenges.


The Lee and Associates research department released its Q3 2021 Economic Reports.

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