If you are a Commercial Industrial Real Estate Warehouse Owner or Landlord looking to lease space and we list your property, we use as many channels as feasible to maximize exposure and rent your property quickly for the highest rate possible. We use all the Major Commercial Real Estate Listing Services (AIR, CoStar and LoopNet etc.), Direct Mail, Canvassing, Cold Calling, Signs, Email Blasts to Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Buyers, the Internal Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services Communication System, the Lee & Associates Website, Commercial Real Estate Broker Market Meetings, Social Media, 3D Virtual Tours and the Web to name a few.

By creating a competitive environment along with our experience, expert knowledge and highly recommended commercial real estate brokerage services we achieve the best achievable lease rate as quickly as possible. We will also help you navigate the transaction process suggesting the most qualified tenants and help you to avoid potential pitfalls.

If you are a Tenant looking to rent commercial industrial real estate warehouse space, renew an existing lease, relocate or sublease unused space we can help.  Our services to tenants come at no cost (excluding a Sublessor) and we will save you time and money.  

Contact me to set up an appointment to come down to the office or hop online to discuss your commercial industrial real estate warehouse leasing needs now!